Insight into the company Ltd Sweet Deco

Insight – SIA Sweet Deco is a family business that started its operation in 2019!

The main activity of the company is – production of confectionery! Our assortment includes more than 10 different products, from which every customer will be able to find something for themselves and their loved ones!

During our operation we have made sure that each created product is unique and brings its value! Every product we make is one hundred percent handmade!

Insight into our products:

  • Chocolate and chocolate products;
  • Pavlova cake bases;
  • Meringue cookies with different flavors, colors, sizes!
  • Meringue cookies with individual edible printing;
  • Homemade nut biscuits filled with condensed milk;
  • Frozen confectionery – cakes and eclairs.

An insight into the key business values ​​that are taken into account in every activity:

  • Professionalism;
  • High sense of responsibility for the work done and the quality of products;
  • Timeliness;
  • Honesty;
  • Customer and partner satisfaction!

During our work we have become aware of a very simple and well-known truth:

When there is an idea, a clear goal and task, as well as a team that always supports and shoulder each other – Anything is achievable, realistic and quite easy to implement!

Very sweet greetings from the Sweet Deco team! 🥰

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